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The most misunderstood household!

The most misunderstood household!

I have recently seen some gamers label e-sports tables as "of little value", and I can only say that they are wrong! This misconception is clearly due to their lack of understanding of e-sports tables. In fact, e-sports tables are not only good looking, but also very practical!

The first thing a professional gamer would do is to get a set of solid e-sports table and chair. Once I used the old wooden table in the dormitory to play games, sitting in the chair of the dorm. As the table was so insubstantial, shaking with the mouse, it was really painful to play games. Thus after I moved out of the dormitory, I immediately bought an e-sports table. There are many types of e-sports tables, each with its own advantages.

The types of e-sports tables: scorpion-type e-sports table, e-sports table with full table lighting, e-sports table with multi-panel, removable e-sports table, e-sports table that can be lifted etc.

E-sports tables have a very individual appearance, which meets the innovative needs of the fashionably inclined as a reflection of lifestyle.


The material of e-sports tables: E1 and E0, in line with international standards for formaldehyde emission, are now commonly available on the market. Also, there are some brands shake up, choosing export standards of environmental protection plate, whose formaldehyde emission is lower, even in line with the standards of the baby room. Therefore, the safety of which is excellent.


The performance of e-sports tables: now the desks/computer tables on the markets are generally 75 cm in height, and e-sports tables can be lifted just make up for this deficiency, that different body height with different table height. In fact, it’s better for your spine, and more comfortable to use.

Mechanical lifting e-sports tables is cost-effective, but not so convenient to operate; while the price of electric lifting ones is higher, this type can be lifted by a button and  with memory function, different heights can be stored to reduce repeated lifting operations.

Two-layer e-sports table: e-sports table with two-layer panels are not just for looks. The upper panel holds the display and ornaments for a better visual experience. The lower panel is more ergonomic for mice and keyboards, and even mobile phones and tablets have a dedicated recess. Such a reasonable division of the region is sure to provide a more comfortable e-sports table experience.

The additional features of e-sports tables: compared to a normal desk in terms of  e-sports table will add a headphone rack, a mug holder, and a hidden cable entry hole. These gadgets may seem not important, however, they ensure a competitive experience like you won’t accidentally knock over a water glass, because everyone should have spilled water on their desks (don’t tell me you didn’t, I don’t believe it) . In addition, some of the e-sports table will feature LED light strips with adjustable RGB lighting to create an immersive gaming experience.

The appearance of e-sports tables: the overall structure is simple, angular, and match with e-sports cool designs, that most of the e-sports tables have to make people feel high-tech.

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