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Solid wood furniture is divided into pure solid wood furniture and imitation solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture is divided into pure solid wood furniture and imitation solid wood furniture

All the materials used for furniture are solid wood, including desktop, wardrobe door panels, side panels and so on.

European style pure solid wood furniture Are made of solid wood, do not use any other form of artificial board. Pure solid wood furniture requires high technology and material. Wood material selection, drying, finger joint, patchwork and other requirements are very strict, if a process which is not strict, small cracks appeared, joint loosening, large deformation of the package of furniture, and can not be used.

Imitation solid wood furniture, the so-called imitation solid wood furniture, from the outward appearance is solid wood furniture, wood natural texture, feel and color are identical to solid wood furniture, but in fact is solid wood andWood-based panels, such as panels, tops, shelves, shelves, etc., are made of wood veneers or mdf. Doors and drawers are made of solid wood.

This process saves wood and reduces costs. A set of imitation solid wood bedroom furniture prices in thousands of yuan, and all solid wood furniture at least 10 thousand yuan or more; and the market in imitation of virtual high price generation really many, consumers can not through price discrimination, we must master the recognition method of wood line.

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